On conspiracies, 

By Opinion & Editorial Editor James Mellen My dad believes that if you read every seventh letter of the book of Revelations in the Bible, it actually predicts the holocaust. If you think that sounds insane, that’s because it is. However, growing up in such an environment has made me naturally more curious about conspiracy theories than other people. Currently, I suffer from a terminal disease called “Epstein brain” and after watching the powers that be so clearly murder a man in his prison cell and then lie to the general public about what had happened, I have become retroactively obsessed with conspiracies of ages past. There are two definitely true and completely mind breaking United States backed conspiracies, both happened after the second world war. One is operation GLADIO which was a United States backed intelligence operation to fight communism in Italy. The other is MK ULTRA which was a legitimate mind control operation that the CIA launched upon United States civilians. This article is going to focus more on MK ULTRA, because I’m personally more familiar with it, however GLADIO might actually be crazier, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to research it in their own time. MK ULTRA started after The Korean War, when the DPRK announced that American fighter pilots had admitted to the use of chemical weapons on civilians. The UNited States needed a method to misdirect blame form themselves and towards the communists. So they invented the idea of brainwashing someone with mind control drugs. This is the first time in U.S history that something similar to an MK ULTRA experiment happening. In response to the idea of the communists achieving (or even attempting) mind control, the CIA launched MK ULTRA which consisted of a multi-faceted brainwashing operation. One of the aspects of mind control that was most experimented with was the drugging of victims with LSD. These tests were administered to people who were largely either prisoners or in the military (people who have either signed away their rights or had them taken away). However they were also administered to students of Ivy League universities. We know for a fact that MK ULTRA happened, and what I’m going to do in the rest of this article is to introduce high profile victims of MK ULTRA in order of how likely it is that these people were victims. WHITEY BULGER – By his own admission Whitey Bulger was an MK ULTRA victim. He reports being injected with LSD in prison as a young man. It is difficult to tell for sure exactly how many of his actions are dependent on this experimentation. Bulger was a well-known informant, some people theorize that he made these connections as a part of MK ULTRA. It is worth noting that Bulger died after being transferred to a new prison, in much the same way that Epstein was killed. THE UNABOMBER- While it is ultimately unclear if the experiments that the Unabomber went through during his time at Harvard,  it is well documented that he went through some type of experimentation that may have included being drugged with LSD. Given that most known victims of the experiment go on to become violent offenders, the Unabomber’s MO would fit the bill. CHARLES MANSON- In a new book titled “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties’ by Tom O’Neil, O’Neil spells out a theory that Manson could have been an MK ULTRA experiment based on his prison history as well as his history of drug use. The evidence is far less conclusive than the evidence of say Whitey Bulger, but given what we know about MK ULTRA to begin with, it doesn’t seem farfetched. JACK RUBY- By far the most controversial name on this list. Before Jack Ruby assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald he was being treated by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, a man who was famous for killing an elephant with LSD and conspiring along with the MK ULTRA experiment. This one is particularly controversial because it is ultimately unprovable. However there is a large amount of suspicion already surrounding Jack Ruby and JFK, adding this element definitely doesn’t make the official story and more believable.  

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