Netflix Cancelling Netflix Originals

A.J. Merch

Staff Writer

During the quarantine in 2020, many shows were released which helped to play a big part of our 2020. By making us laugh, cry, and keep some form of hope for us. With that being said, great shows were related around this time and ended with cliffhangers and huge fan following which many expected for a season 2. Like the Society which had already been greenlit for a second season, but interestingly enough when it came time to film. Netflix chose not to continue when the creators had a script and were ready to film.

Imagine canceling a show that was green light because of COVID, but within two months they greenlit Outer Banks which came out a year and couple months after the Society and got greenlit within a few months and started filming with Netflix within that short period after its first season release. Whereas shows like the Society, were put on the back burner because of COVID reasons. Which confused many like myself, because doesn’t COVID have an effect on Outer Banks as well? Imagine your show being greenlit with you having everything prepared with you and then they cancel with you and many others like I’m not okay with this. Even though I do like Outer Banks and it had a huge fame in 2020 ranking in a huge amount of views, which I understand warrants its season 2. Why does it begin filming when both it and other shows both were greenlit? Nothing beats the a-list movie stars that were still filming and were allowed to start production during the pandemic by Netflix.

Netflix never addressed COVID when it came to the a-list actors and their films. But were quick to cancel the shows around with upcoming actors, saying they couldn’t do anything and provide a better production for them during the growing pandemic. But they were quick to throw millions and millions of big name stars, almost reaching their mass for the film budget for Red Notice film with the Rock who I love and enjoy his films. But I wish Netflix had taken into account the unknown stars whose livelihood were in those cancelled shows who were full of potential. But in my belief, they just never cared. Netflix has nearly 70 movies to be released this year in 2021. Many of which were filmed last year while Netflix was on rampage canceling every show before it even expanded their depth or story. I wish Netflix cared enough for the shows they choose to cancel and invested in it like it was a stranger thing or Outer Banks. Maybe things will be different and it will be great. I would hope Netflix would care about that and try to push for that, because they keep pushing new shows each year just to cancel nearly huge percent of these shows and greenlit a few, which made me wonder why they made them in the first place just to not continue them. I just don’t understand that in any way.


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