Dartmouth Acquires Its First Ever Recreational Dispensary As Solar Cannabis Co. Cuts Its Ribbon

(Photographed by Staff Writer Rena Danho)

Business Manager: Julian Cassady

Email: jcassady@umassd.edu

On Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, Solar Cannabis Co. had its grand opening for its new Dartmouth location, located at 493 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth, MA.

Solar Cannabis Co. is a cannabis cultivator and dispensary headquartered in Somerset, MA. As of April 2023, they have four stores located in Somerset and Seekonk and now, recently, in Dartmouth and Warwick, RI.  

The company prides itself on being completely vertically integrated; this means that the company produces its own product and sells it in its own storefronts. 

Additionally, Solar is dedicated to operating a 100% sustainable energy business. Like in the name, Solar uses solar power to deliver clean energy to its cultivation facility as well as using solar energy to power its satellite dispensaries.

The Torch staff were extended an invitation to the grand opening event by Robert Volosevich, the Manager of Events and Grassroots Outreach at Solar.

Three Torch staff members attended the event; myself, staff writer Rena Danho, and our Editor-in-Chief Roxanne Hepburn. 

(Photographed by Staff Writer Rena Danho)

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Robert, who implored us to grab a donut or a bagel and to try some free samples of their non-infused chocolates and gummies.

Along with food, there were also stickers and lighters that were given out to attendees of the event.

Derek Gould, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Solar Cannabis Co., answered some questions preceding the ribbon-cutting.

He talked about Solar Cannabis Co.’s newest retail establishment and what future plans they have in store.

When asked about the process for receiving clearance from Dartmouth Town officials to open the new location and whether there was any pushback from the locals, the answer was surprising. 

Derek explained that the Town was actually very supportive and easy to work with throughout the whole process and that Dartmouth residents were largely in approval of the new dispensary.

I’m surprised because, in my hometown, there was some minor pushback by residents toward the building of its local cannabis dispensary.

Unfortunately, the opening was delayed from its initial 2022 launch.

This is because the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission changed the requirements needed for host agreements between the towns/cities and the prospective dispensaries. 

Although the new and old host agreements were easy to come around to between Solar and Dartmouth, there was a delay due to the MCCC having to review the updated one.

There are local competition concerns, as there have been numerous dispensaries cropping up along the South coast of Massachusetts.

Derek mentioned that Solar is very aware of the widespread proliferation of recreational cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts. However, it is not at all a cause for concern.

He also pointed out how we are in a “battle of the brands” period where the supply of locally established dispensaries is still growing to meet market demand.

The problem isn’t in competing for customers but rather in generating enough of a supply to meet the insatiable demand.

(Photographed by Staff Writer Rena Danho)

In regards to community outreach, Derek stressed the philanthropic diversity of Solar that already exists.

Solar is doing military veteran programs, education on responsible cannabis use, and employment outreach for locals looking for a job. 

Along with these specific examples, Solar is committed to working with local non-profits and the town government to strengthen the community.

You can contact Derek Gould, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Solar Cannabis, at dgould@solarthera.com.

In attendance was all of Solar Dartmouth staff, along with Robert, Derek, and the CEO of Solar, Edward Dow.

Shawn MacInnes, Dartmouth Town Administrator, also attended the event and spoke to the crowd after the ribbon cutting along with Edward Dow.

It was apparent that the atmosphere was very positive and that the community is excited to add yet another reputable business to the area.

I’m eager to see what’s in store for Solar’s business prospects and philanthropic endeavors following this event!


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