Finding the Spark: Movie Review of Disney Pixar’s “Soul”

Sam Travis  Staff Writer Pixar movies have a great reputation of reaching people’s hearts. Their movies are made for children, yet also have humor adults can relate to, suddenly making movies people all ages can enjoy. So when they released their newest movie “Soul,” there was no doubt it was going to be the next big family movie. Soul is a touching and humorous … Continue reading Finding the Spark: Movie Review of Disney Pixar’s “Soul”

Pokémon: The First Movie, Is Even Deeper than You Thought

J Engels Staff Writer (Warning: Spoilers ahead for Pokémon: The First Movie) When I was a kid, I was utterly enchanted by the stunning visual design of Pokémon: the First Movie. Even with  the sometimes clunky 90s effects, the artistry of the  film- its dreamy pastel color palettes, fantastical settings,  and the graphic, fluid motion of the animation- captured my imagination. And although the … Continue reading Pokémon: The First Movie, Is Even Deeper than You Thought

Race Against Time: Movie Review of “Greenland.”

Samantha Travis  Staff Writer Calling all sci-fi, action junkies. Or anyone staying in on a Friday night looking for a movie that will keep you wondering from the beginning to the end. Ric Roman Waugh’s “Greenland” (2020) is a jarring, nail-biting movie about survival, global disasters, and humanity during desperate times. It may, ironically, not sound too unfamiliar, considering the year that all of … Continue reading Race Against Time: Movie Review of “Greenland.”

“Amorphous” Album review

J Engels Staff Writer Icon for Hire’s new album opens with lead singer Ariel Bloomer  scream-singing that she isn’t “Brittle.” This rejection of fragility, accompanied by a dynamic electronic beat, is our introduction to Bloomer’s persona of an unbreakable rockstar- a  persona that,  within that same opening song, seems to come undone. Soon after the emotionally forceful chorus of “Brittle”, the music slows down … Continue reading “Amorphous” Album review

Amy Sherald Changed The Art World for Black Women

Izzy Rivera Staff Writer To celebrate Black History Month I wanted to focus on a female Black artist who changed the painting world as we know it. Amy Sherald is an American painter who specializes in focusing on the injustice present in Black culture, creating portraits with grey scale skin tones. She is currently 47 years old and she’s from Columbus, GA but currently … Continue reading Amy Sherald Changed The Art World for Black Women

Black Directors and Cinema

A.J. Merch Staff Writer Throughout the years of 2017 to 2019 my love for film would forever be changed. In 2017, Jordan Peele would come onto the scene with the critically acclaimed movie gaining more and more attention. Leading Peele to become the first black man to ever win an Oscar for best original screenplay. The movie Get Out would end up bringing into frame a … Continue reading Black Directors and Cinema

Lupin Review

By: A.J. Merch Staff Writer Lupin was a surprisingly interesting Netflix original for me, before the show had been released there was a sort of controversy around the show based on the name. Many people thought the show was based on the anime classic of the same name, and they had changed the main character to Black man. But as things progressed those who … Continue reading Lupin Review

Tenet: The Man on a mission

A.J. Merch Staff Writer As the number of cinemas slowly open up, during this seemingly never ending pandemic. Christopher Nolan comes right behind it, to save film industry with his ground breaking blockbuster Tenet. Tenet follows the Protagonist played by John David Washington, a secret agent who travels on a epic time bending mission to prevent the beginning of World War III. With this … Continue reading Tenet: The Man on a mission

Alex & The People – Boys Will Be Boys

By A&E Editor Sawyer Pollitt Discovering new music is one of the few joys that can be found in the COVID-19 hellscape we are all collectively experiencing. Fortunately for me, new music often appears in my inbox! And thanks to Boston based indie rock band “Alex & The People”, not only did new music show up, but good music did as well. “Alex & The … Continue reading Alex & The People – Boys Will Be Boys