UMass Dartmouth’s Folk Heroes

By SAWYER POLLITT  A&E Section Editor     Photo Credit: Zack Wedge  Cowboy boots and an Appalachian twang are an unusual sight here in New England. However, going against the grain of Southern Massachusetts is Jake Hunsinger and the Rock Bottom Band, and this past Saturday at the News Café in Pawtucket, RI, the yeehaw vibes were strong.  Beginning only with vocalist and guitarist Jake Hunsinger (English/History, 2020), the … Continue reading UMass Dartmouth’s Folk Heroes

Self-Care Is Important

By Contributing Writer Jordon DaSilva-Martins Stress can be damaging to college students’ physical and mental health. While stress typically receives negative connotations, it is the body’s natural response to change. Therefore, everyone needs some level of stress in their life and it should be depicted as a normal aspect of life. Harvard Healthy explains that without stress, we as humans would have never developed our … Continue reading Self-Care Is Important

UMass Dartmouth New Dorms and Dining

By Contributing Writer Catalina McLucas The campus of UMass Dartmouth is changing at a pace like never before. The newest project on campus is the building of the new $134 million freshman dorms, built in only one year and replacing those that have been standing for over 40 years.   The 267,500-foot dorm consists of 1,210 beds, academic classrooms, maker spaces, study lounges, and recreation spaces. … Continue reading UMass Dartmouth New Dorms and Dining

Tips for Young Adults Who Want to Quit Vaping

Maybe you started vaping in high school thinking it was a cool fad.  Maybe you started in college or at a party after work with friends.  Maybe you started vaping because you thought it would help you stop smoking.    However you started, and for whatever reason, now you are regularly craving the nicotine buzz from vaping; perhaps you have a nicotine addiction.  Are you concerned … Continue reading Tips for Young Adults Who Want to Quit Vaping

Scholarship Established in Memory of Carlin Lynch

To honor Carlin Lynch’s commitment to area students, his family and friends have established the Carlin Lynch Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.    “Carlin spent his life championing the greater good and creating opportunities for those in need.  We are humbled and grateful by the outpouring of support following his passing, and look forward to continuing his legacy of service,” his family … Continue reading Scholarship Established in Memory of Carlin Lynch


By: Tom Lindberg, President DECA What is DECA? If you are a student here at UMass Dartmouth, you can benefit from DECA. DECA is a professional development club that meets on Tuesdays in CCB 149 from 5-6pm. The goal of the club is to help members become career ready and to give students more exposure to a professional setting outside of what you learn in … Continue reading DECA

‘The Seine’ comes to America featuring author Elaine Sciolino Dec. 9 at UMass Dartmouth 

By Contributing Writer Maria Sanguinetti  The Boivin Center for French Language and Culture at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth proudly announces its second program of the fall semester, The Seine Comes to America, featuring New York Times contributing writer and best-selling author, Elaine Sciolino.  The event will take place on campus in the Charlton Business College Auditorium (CCB149) at 7 PM on December  9th,  2019.  … Continue reading ‘The Seine’ comes to America featuring author Elaine Sciolino Dec. 9 at UMass Dartmouth 

Don’t Just Walk Out, Stay Out (for a while)

By Associate Professor, English and Communication Jerry Blitefield, PHD I want to foment a revolution.  At noon on Friday, Sept. 20, college students at campuses around the country and the world walked out of whatever they were doing to strike in defense of the planet’s stability and livability. They demanded bold, decisive action in response to the October IPCC report. And they planned to continue … Continue reading Don’t Just Walk Out, Stay Out (for a while)

This We Believe 3rd Place Essay Winner

Reminiscent  By Michelle Ciaramella – 2019, This We Belive 3rd Place Essay Winner Family has a different meaning to each person who hears the word. Family is not only blood, it is a bond. I believe that family is made up of the people we choose to support us and love us no matter what. Family is the unbreakable bond and endless laughter that we … Continue reading This We Believe 3rd Place Essay Winner

This We Believe 2nd Place Essay Winner

By 2019 This We Believe Winner Zoe Diana Plante Ownership Mine: a possession, a descriptor, a word of sentiment, or a word of control? I was yours. Your Object. I was not in control. You owned me. You swallowed me whole. My life was centered around yours. Ownership can be a twisted thing in a relationship. Not only physical ownership, mental ownership too. Branding me … Continue reading This We Believe 2nd Place Essay Winner