February Alternative Album Releases

Staff Writer: Rena Danho Email: rdanho@umassd.edu We’re just over two months into 2023, and the music world is already exploding.  More specifically, the rock and alternative genres were blessed this February with three new albums: “The Jaws of Life” by Pierce The Veil, “This is Why” by Paramore, and “Cracker Island” by Gorillaz. Pierce The Veil has long been known as an emo band, having … Continue reading February Alternative Album Releases


The Clock Hasn’t Struck Midnights On Taylor Swift

Staff Writer: Kamryn Kobel Email: kkobel@umassd.edu At midnight on Friday, October 21st, Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album was released. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the album, which is titled Midnights. When Swift announced the album on August 29th, she described it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life”.  The album’s announcement blindsided fans, as Swift is currently in the process of … Continue reading The Clock Hasn’t Struck Midnights On Taylor Swift


Album Review: Love Sux

(image: metacritic.com) By: J Engels email: jengels@umassd.edu Before I’d heard “Bite Me”- the lead single off of Love Sux– I’d brushed Avril Lavigne off as little more than a bonafide pop star, having heard only her radio hits. These newer songs introduced me to another side of Lavigne that I’d been a stranger to for far too long- the fiercely feminine punk princess who helped to define fashion … Continue reading Album Review: Love Sux


First Listen to Lana Del Rey’s, Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Shannen Marie Hansen Staff Writer shansen4@umassd.edu I will be writing about Lana Del Rey’s album for the next couple of weeks. Because it deserves the attention, as it will have so much of mine.I want to start in the middle. Just before the middle. Wild at Heart. I get the chills at the opening bars of the guitar. I start to hear things I recognize beyond … Continue reading First Listen to Lana Del Rey’s, Chemtrails Over the Country Club


“Amorphous” Album review

J Engels Staff Writer jengels@umassd.edu Icon for Hire’s new album opens with lead singer Ariel Bloomer  scream-singing that she isn’t “Brittle.” This rejection of fragility, accompanied by a dynamic electronic beat, is our introduction to Bloomer’s persona of an unbreakable rockstar- a  persona that,  within that same opening song, seems to come undone. Soon after the emotionally forceful chorus of “Brittle”, the music slows down … Continue reading “Amorphous” Album review