Throwing Up My “GUTS” Over Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album

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Volunteer Writer: Aidan Danforth


Young pop star Olivia Rodrigo’s second album, “GUTS,” has been out for a couple of weeks, and after listening to the album several times, here is my review of the whole album, including my expectations, first impressions, essential songs, and takeaways.


I remember listening to the song “Vampire” when it was released as a single back in June. I was a big fan of that song because of its pop-rock feel. It was the song that got me into Olivia Rodrigo. 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Olivia’s first album, “SOUR.” It only had a few songs I liked, including “Good 4 U” and “Deja Vu,” but the rest of the album was mainly pop, which wasn’t too appealing. However, I still thought it was a good album that showcased some of Rodrigo’s talents.

 What I wanted in “GUTS” was more of that pop-rock feeling from a song from “SOUR” like she had in “Good 4 U,” and she answered that call when “Vampire” was released. Then, soon after, “Bad Idea Right?” came out, which answered that same call of a pop-rock feel. So, by then, I was really getting into Rodrigo’s songs. 

GUTS was set to release September 8th, so with a few weeks until the album, I was excited to see what she had in store for us with her second album.

First Impressions

The second I got up on September 8th, I turned on Spotify and listened to the album for the first time, starting with “All American Bitch.” While listening to this song, I thought to myself, “Yes, this is what I want from Olivia Rodrigo. This is amazing.”

I had already listened to the following two songs, so I just skipped ahead and listened to the album’s first half before leaving for classes. While driving, I had a great impression of the first six songs. I even liked the more pop-like songs since I came into this with an open mind. 

In the album’s second half, I found a few songs that stood out to me. There were also a few okay ones I didn’t care for. 

I found “GUTS” to be much better than “SOUR” because of the more pop-rock feeling she went for in this album. I also felt this album did a good job showing Olivia’s talents as a singer. 

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This album easily had one of the best impressions I’ve ever had from a new release. 

Throughout the next few days, I made a playlist with my favorite songs from “GUTS” and “SOUR.” And now, almost a month into the album’s existence, I can safely say I’m now a massive fan of Olivia Rodrigo’s music. 

Before I officially review the album and give my full opinion, I’ll highlight a few of the songs I found to be the best of “GUTS.” 

“All American Bitch”

I already talked about this song briefly, but this was the first song on the album, and it made a great first impression on me. This song has a slow start with a more pop feeling but, without warning, jumps into a loud rock n’ roll song. 

Olivia’s ability to change from a slow and calm voice to a more loud and rock-sounding voice shows her talent as a singer. This was a great opening track, and it was exactly what I wanted coming into this album. 

“Get Him Back”

“Get Him Back” is another song that stood out to me due to its rock feeling. From the drums, the background vocals, and the upbeat parts. 

I mean, there is just something unique with Olivia’s vocal style when she gets angry that’s so entertaining for a pop/rock lover like myself. This is another prime example of Olivia’s ability to use a single premise like a breakup or revenge and turn that into a fantastic song, as she did with “Vampire.” 

“Pretty Isn’t Pretty”

The two songs I mentioned before are among the most talked about songs out of “GUTS,” but here is one I haven’t heard many people talk about.

Remember when I said I wasn’t the biggest “SOUR” fan? Well, this is one of the more pop-like songs I enjoyed from this album. 

I don’t know what it is, but this song has something catchy about it that I enjoyed very much, and it has also given me the itch to re-listen to “SOUR” to see if my mind has been changed on any of her early songs. Once again, this song hasn’t been talked about by many people, but I’d suggest you check it out since some albums usually have a hidden gem or two in them that aren’t as widely popular compared to the hits. 


Overall, I found “GUTS” to be an amazing album, and it did a great job presenting Olivia Rodrigo’s talent as a singer and songwriter. This album has a great combination of pop rock and pop songs, making it an excellent album for today’s younger generation and even people like myself who enjoy a unique array of music.

Of course, this is just my opinion,  and I know many people still prefer “SOUR,” but if you’re more of a pop-rock fan or even just a rock fan, I’d recommend this album to you and “SOUR” as well. And also for any music lovers who like pop, rock, country, you name it; give this album a listen, and hopefully, you’ll be able to see the exceptional talent of a young and promising artist who is currently having a significant impact on the music industry. 

Olivia Rodrigo is only twenty years old and can produce music at the level of popularity of other famous pop artists like Taylor Swift, which is awe-inspiring. It gives me a lot of optimism that this is only the beginning of Olivia Rodrigo’s fantastic career as a singer. 

I can’t wait to see how she grows and evolves in the ever-changing music world we are all currently living in.


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