Avengers: Infinity War begins official production

By Justin McKinney, Staff Writer

Superhero movies have been the titans of the 21st century in the movie industry, becoming their own genre and grossing billions of dollars. Of these films, Marvel Comics has been the leader, with dozens of well-received films and a detailed layout of about 25 movies from 2010-2020.

We’re approaching the end of the Marvel line of blockbusters, and Avengers: Infinity War is going to be one of the final showdowns. This film will feature more superheroes than any film before it, including the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, and even Doctor Strange.

The high number of superheroes means a high number of actors and special effects tricks, and as a result, this movie is reported to have the highest budget of all time.

Avengers: Infinity War will cost around $490 million, according to FlickeringMyth.com, which beats out the previous record holder by more than $100 million.

Infinity War isn’t even the last of the Avengers films; the unnamed final film will release in the next couple years to wrap everything up. We can assume the final film will have more fighting and possibly more characters, so it’s likely that the budget will be even higher.

The villain for this pair of movies is Thanos, a god-like character originating from the Iron Man comic series. He’s as powerful as Marvel characters come, and like Apocalypse from the X-Men series, is likely to have a grand-scale goal of universal domination.

One of the film’s writers, Stephen McFeely, recently leaked a little info regarding Thanos’s place in the story, “His goal is to re-balance the universe as he sees it. So when he figures out that the Infinity Stones could do this for him at the snap of a finger, that becomes his main goal.”

The Infinity Stones are expected to be the Mcguffin of the plot, something all-powerful that the characters will have to take for themselves and defend. It’s nothing new for superhero films, but it will be brought to a new level in the final Avengers flicks.

The massive scale of superheroes, characters, effects, and the main villain have millions excited beyond belief about what they could be in for. These two movies are arguably the most anticipated movies in American history, having been built up to for eight years.

However, the size and scope of what Marvel is promising has many fans worried as well.
How will a film incorporate more than a dozen important characters, several incomplete storylines, action, good writing, and supervillain battles into a movie? It won’t be answered until the film drops, but whether excellent or disappointing, it will be one of the most talked about movies for a long time.

A couple weeks ago, a video was released on the Movieclips-Trailers Youtube channel showing behind the scenes glances at the movie’s production, as well as comments by the actors and producers.

Tom Holland, Marvel’s newest Spiderman, recalls watching the first Avengers movie in theaters with friends, having no idea he’d be one of the series’ stars. It’s gathered nearly 13 million views, and has started the hype train for the details of the plot.

We get a shot of a setpiece that looks like some kind of Mars-esque planet, and the producers discuss the power of Thanos and what he will bring to the film.

They also note that the plot from the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War will play heavily into what will happen in this film, with Iron Man and Captain America still working out their differences.

Avengers: Infinity War has high expectations to live up to, but with the biggest budget of all time and a huge ensemble of characters and actors, it will leave a significant impression no matter what.

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