Kid Ink in living color: Artist Spotlight on Marvin Hernandez

Artist Spotlight - Marvin Hernandez00001
By Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

First year graphic design major, Marvin Hernandez, originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala, was adopted at four months old by the Weber family and grew up in Arlington, Mass. The artist specializes in graphic design.

The artist has been known to have a thirst of knowledge for his background and has visited his home country and biological parents during the summer.

What or who inspired Hernandez to pursue a love in graphic design? Well it’s simple, his parents.

“My father is an architect and influenced me to start to draw,” said the artist. “He would take me to museums as a child and he wanted me to go into architecture but that just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

“My mom inspires me to become a better person, not just for myself but for the community.”

But, the real final reassuring spark for the artist happened in high school. Hernandez attended Minuteman Career and Technical High School located in Lexington, Mass.

Hernandez was in Design and Visual Communications where it was clear that he had found his niche.

For those whom may not be relative as to what a vocational technical high school is: It is a public high school setting where you learn academics such as subjects like English and math, but at the same time, the students attending also learn a trade or a “shop.”

These shops can range from Design and Visual Communications, to Engineering Technology, to Nursing, to Cosmetology, and to Early Childcare Education. This is all depending on the school and trades/shops offered of course.

“Kid Ink Smoking” is a favorite of the artist’s features an interactive interpretation of the rapper Kid Ink in his signature pose, shown with smoke coming out of the rapper’s mouth.

“I have idolized him for years now. [Kid Ink Smoking] was for a project in class but I challenged myself to go above and beyond,” said Hernandez. “To create this piece I used Photoshop, but mainly the program illustration.”

The artist describes his time working on his favorite piece.

“I lost myself in it, [and] it took around four days to perfect.” Hernandez actually sent the piece to Kid Ink himself but unfortunately, the rapper has yet to respond to him.

Hernandez considers his craft “both a hobby and a passion” with “a professional side and a side where I help friends with their album covers.”

One day he hopes to merge his love for music and graphic design together into one and hopes to help others in the process.

“I definitely want to eventually make it into the music industry making album covers. [The covers] aren’t usually printed but I would like to make interactive album covers.”

When Hernandez isn’t practicing his craft, you can catch him pursuing his love for photography, hanging out with friends, discovering new music, or discovering new things in general.

He also has some fine art pieces, including a self-portrait, published in Tewksbury Art Show where he won a third place award for his work.

The artist has a message for others he would like to share with others:
“To my artistic friends or anyone in general; you should do what you love. Don’t let others judge you and your work, just do you and work at your dreams, just like I do.”

To contact Marvin Hernandez about his artwork or to request to view his graphic design, feel free contact him through his Facebook page, email, or Instagram.

Photo Courtesy: Marvin Hernandez


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