Photography Club at UMass Dartmouth

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Get ready to take the snapshot of a lifetime with another club spotlight; the photography club is a great way to let your artistic abilities run wild.

As stated on MyOrgs, UMass Dartmouth has a lofty number of students interested in the area of photography, with having a different major. This club allows them to do their studies while still enjoying their love of photography.

Photography is known to be an unspoken language. “Photography is a different language which is easy for people to realize through the whole world,” according to MyOrgs. “Some people can’t understand English but there is no one who can’t understand the meaning of a good photo.”

“The Photography Club specializes in helping students become more active in their photography, and connect students in order to create a community,” said club president Casey Waddell.

Every Friday UMass Dartmouth students can join the photography club for a walk around campus. During this time students can take pictures anything that inspires their creativity will be captured through the lens of the camera.

Also during that day they will hold meetings for other necessities. “We hold meetings for decisions about the club if necessary that day,” said Waddell. “…The vice president and myself try to think of good locations for landscapes or portraits. The community is very helpful with suggestions to each other for angles, poses, cameras, and so on.”

Waddell plays a huge role in the clubs success along with the vice president and other club members.

“My position in the club is to be responsible for the organization, management, planning, and creation of events,” said Waddell proudly.

The benefits can reach out to everyone. “[It is] the students and community overall [that] benefits from this club,” said Waddell.

This club is essential to offer to the students of UMass Dartmouth because it allows them to shine light to who they are.

“It’s important to have this made available to students, because it’s a different approach to students being able to express themselves and become more social, especially for students not in this major,” said Waddell.

The social aspect is what makes this club unique. “What makes the photography club special, is that it encourages students to be social/a part of the community and have fun doing what they love,” said Waddell.

If wondering about the atmosphere, the club is said to be open to the fresh air of new ideas all in a highly respected area.

Respect is a huge factor in the club’s mission.

“My favorite thing about this club is the atmosphere, we respect one another and help each other improve our skills,” said Waddell.

Confidence is another aspect students can grow and work on with the club. “… [It can] help them become more confident in their own abilities,” said Waddell.

Organization is a key role in keeping everything going, which can help students looking to go into photography. “This is beneficial to people going into the field, because it helps them stay organized and a reason to keep after their work,” said Waddell.

One last thing Waddell would like to note is: “I would like to add that I welcome all students to join, and that we collaboratively post on Instagram with credit to each member @umassdphotographers.”

If you are ready to put your photography skills to the test and interested in trying something new, you can join the club every Friday from 2-3p.m. in the library. The club meets in the front, next to the orange seats and cafe.

Photo Courtesy: Photography Club


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