How is President Gary Johnson doing so far?

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By The Fresh Prince, Staff Writer

It’s been just slightly over two months since Gary Johnson was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

He won by a landslide back in November, as predicted, while his Democratic and Republican counterparts, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, never stood a chance.

The former Governor of New Mexico promised that his philosophy of being socially liberal and fiscally conservative would be the best way to govern and improve our country.

His message resonated with the American people so strongly that the Libertarian candidate became the clear front-runner early on.

If elected, it was guaranteed that all of his policies would be approved by Congress, especially with Paul Ryan at the helm. His campaign never lost momentum, and Gary Johnson dominated the popular vote in November.

However, our new president has had an underwhelming impact on the United States of America so far. Johnson originally promised to cut taxes, abolish the IRS, and take a hands-off approach to running the economy, but he hasn’t done much of anything for the past couple of months.

Johnson made history with his first executive order, legalizing marijuana on a federal level. The new regulations decriminalize all uses and possession of the drug, no matter the quantity.

The press immediately questioned Johnson regarding his motivations behind the order, to which Johnson answered, “I’m a libertarian, what did you expect?”

He allegedly enacted the order not to better the United States, but to benefit himself and his own habits. Many politicians have expressed the opinion that Johnson’s first executive order has become a slippery slope, subsequently affecting Johnson’s ability to govern the United States of America.

“Gary Johnson is a disgrace to America. Sad!” former presidential candidate, Donald Trump, tweeted out last week.

As a result of Johnson’s increased drug usage, the President has forgotten foreign policy.

It’s not that he hasn’t at least tried to form or improve relationships with other countries, and failed. He has literally forgotten that foreign policy exists.

The president has reportedly either missed or canceled every single scheduled meeting with a foreign leader.

Johnson has blown off over ten foreign leaders including British Prime Minister Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A source close to the President told The Torch that, when informed of the fact that he had missed a scheduled meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister, Johnson claimed that the name “Justin Trudeau” did not ring a bell.

Johnson’s Vice President, former Texas Senator Ted Cruz, was known throughout the campaign for his strict views on foreign policy.

During election season, the libertarian and conservative Republican seemed to complement each other well, and the pair appealed to both Democrats and Republicans.

But even Cruz’s passion for fighting ISIS and breaking diplomatic relations with Cuba has not been enough to influence the President.

When asked if the United States was going to continue to fight ISIS, Johnson allegedly asked, “Where’s that?”

He continued, while laughing, “The United States shouldn’t be involved with any other countries, ever. We have enough to worry about over here.”

When confronted on how he plans to enact the policies that he promised the American people, Johnson replied, “I’d like to just wave a magic wand and then it will all be done.

Now, go get me some Cheetos and stop asking me all these questions.”With all due respect, President Johnson, what?

If we reflect on the past few months, I think it’s safe to say that Gary Johnson is not in the running for the most effective president we have ever elected. He’s still pretty chill, though.

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