Do’s and don’ts for seniors

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Class is in session, clubs and organizations are in full swing and the semester is off to a great start.

Graduating seniors this story is for you; we are in our last semester of undergrad, wow, when did that happen?!

Now is the time to enjoy every week and celebrate all of our accomplishments and finish off strong.    Follow this top 25 do’s and don’ts UMass Dartmouth seniors guide to help make it the most memorable semester yet. Happy last semester seniors!


     1. Make memories—Take advantage of every possibility that comes your way and make every second count.

2. Study hard—It is your last semester! There is no room to slack off now, study hard and get the A.

3. Make an appointment with the Career Development Center— The center located right in the campus center next to UMass Parking has an open door to help set you up for your next steps. Maybe you need a cover letter or a resume?

4. Do participate in all the UMass Dartmouth events that you can—There are so many events catered to student life on campus from paint nights, movie nights, shows and more. They are filled with Corsair fun that you sure do not want to miss.

5. Do meet with your advisor to review your senior checklist— Meet with your advisor early on in the semester to go through your major’s tracking sheet to make sure you have all your requirements fulfilled.

6. Do have a friend’s night out—Whether it be making time to go out to dinner, grab a movie, or spend the day in Newport make sure to give yourself some time to unwind.

7. Do take a picture with the legend; Arnie—You can’t forget Arnie, make sure you get your picture with Arnie to celebrate being a senior and to show school pride.

8. Do have a Chippi at Mirasol’s— It’s the legendary drink in Dartmouth that every sweet tooth needs to try, it’s the best drink anyone can be carrying around campus and comes in seasonal flavors such as Cookies and Cream (my favorite), Red Velvet, and more.

9.Do work out at the UMassD Gym to take out stress and try a “Jumpin Juice” smoothie— Keep yourself moving and grooving, while being healthy with a workout session at the gym to relieve stress. On your way out make sure you treat yourself to one of their amazing smoothies.

10. Do attend the senior formal— Because who wouldn’t want to dance the night away? Also it’s a great way to come together as a senior class and celebrate.

11. Do have a day out with your parents at UMass Dartmouth— Your parents have been there for you from the start, show them what you have learned and your favorite spots on campus. Have a nice lunch together at one of our campus’s eateries. A perfect way to say thank you and spend good quality time together!

12. Do attend a sporting event of UMass Dartmouth’s to cheer on our home teams— You can’t end your undergrad career without attending a sporting event whether that be soccer, baseball, swimming, etc.

13. Do buy a class sweatshirt or t-shirt from the campus school store—Everyone needs a class sweatshirt or shirt so make sure you pick out your favorite at our school store, to rock around campus and celebrate your graduation year.

14. Do plan a memorable spring break trip— If you have not taken a spring break trip now is the best time to pack your bags and don’t forget the sunscreen! You can’t go through college without having a senior trip.

15. Do have a night out at Birch, eating all your favorites— We all know the Birch is one of the hot spots of campus so make a night where you and your besties order all your favorites and have a mini buffet.

16. Do pull an all-nighter— We all have the one class where we are going to have to at least pull one all-nighter, especially since it’s our last semester, just remember to have coffee and snacks on hand.


17. Don’t blow off assignments because of senioritis— Make sure you are getting all your assignments done, try to get them done before the weekend, that way you can take time to relax. You don’t want to fall behind in your last semester. So shake off that senioritis, maybe even sing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” song.

18. Don’t wait till last minute to put in your graduate studies applications—Start putting in your grad application as soon as possible; schools recognize early action and it is a great feeling knowing that you have it in before deadline and have the next steps after graduation in place.

19. Don’t skip class—You pay for these classes so make sure you are attending.

20. Don’t wait to fill out job applications— Start applying for jobs that interest you, the more you apply for the more options you will have.

21. Don’t cram your schedule— You always want to make sure you are taking time for yourself and not blocking your schedule to a point where you have no time to breathe, make sure you are keeping up with your own time management.

22. Don’t forget to decorate your Grad cap—Start thinking of ideas now and see which one of your friends comes up with the best ideas. The options are endless.

23. Don’t say “I can’t,” when “you can”—Follow your passion, it does not matter how long it takes you to get there, you can do it! Your happiness is key!

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