Why doesn’t anyone read in the library?

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn.

The Claire T. Carney library here on campus is a great tool for students to use at their leisure.

There are several floors of free space for those seeking a quiet place to study, or just to hang out after a long day of classes.

The library also provides accessible computers and printers for those who need it. It is a reliable source for everyone, and should be taken advantage by all UMass Dartmouth students.

Although Claire T. Carney offers several facilities, it lacks one thing that all libraries are expected to have. Books.

Wait, a library without books?
I know what you’re thinking, it wouldn’t be categorized as a library if it didn’t have books…

Ok, you’re right. Students can find texts on mythology, several different cultures, and college level courses; another reason as to why every student should use the library to their advantage.

Send someone in to search for Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets however, and they’re guaranteed to have little to no luck.

It is my understanding that students are here for their education, but being a freshman myself, it is safe to say that a little free time is needed.

Personally, indulging in a fictional world where one can lose oneself, and trailing away from reality is a great way to spend free time.

One would think that this would be an easy task to complete in the library, however Claire T. Carney makes this more difficult than it should be.

Who would’ve thought, a pleasurable book to read in the library? No way! It seems almost impossible, but our library can assure you, it’s possible!

Nowadays, millennials are too busy on their electronics and wouldn’t even think twice to pick up a book just for fun.

Pleasurable books may just be beginning to become extinct. If anything, the library is helping this happen.

If there were more options, perhaps students would feel encouraged to check them out.
Of course, the outcome isn’t proven unless tested.

It may seem as though this is a negative review of our library, however, as stated in the beginning, it is a great tool for success.

To make this less of my opinion, I interviewed a fellow freshman on the lack of pleasurable books offered on campus.

He said he uses the library on campus for 6 hours to do homework and study, which is more than most people I know.

The only book selection he’s browsed is the Greek mythology section, which can be both educational and pleasurable for a lot of people.

However, he said he’ like for there to be a wider variety of pleasurable books to be available, as “I enjoy reading and I think it’s important to use reading as a stress reliever and to improve creativity.”

He said that if the school wanted to scope out interests in fictional books, they should pass out a survey to try to feel out the student’s main interests.

Genres like young adult fiction, mystery, or perhaps biography could be added to the shelves of the library.

From the questions, responses, and my personal views on the topic, it can be concluded that the Claire T. Carney library should invest in providing a home for more literature used for the sole purpose of pleasure.



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