Are the Oscars in need of a host this year or can we go without one?

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn. For the first time in nearly three decades, the Oscars coming up on February twenty fourth of 2019, is deciding to be broadcasted without a host. A majority of fans that view this annual academy awards ceremony are saying that the organization has simply given up in searching and finding a star to take on the role. However, the show did not plan on having no host this year, and actually announced Kevin Hart to manage this position, but he recently stepped down from the offer after receiving harassment from fans on Twitter. Because of this, producers are scrambling to pull the show together in a matter of one week. It’s likely that Hart wasn’t the only celebrity to be offered the job, but it is understandable as to why being a host for the Oscars isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. The job position requires an abundance of preparation in a limited amount of time. Teaming with writing staff to create jokes and monologues, rehearsing for hours on selected days, shooting promotional videos, and possibly giving interviews is certainly not on everyone’s preferred to-do list. Jimmy Kimmel even mentioned that he was paid $15,000 for hosting the 2017 Oscars, and had said that “stars and comedians with a high enough profile to attract a wide viewership, and are required to put so much time and effort into a show that is airing for one night only, is not paid enough”. He also explained how being the center of attention infront a crowd of millions, as well as viewers watching from home, is bound to be criticized for their performance, and recalled “I tried to think of the last time that I read a review of the Oscars the next day where everyone was raving about it-it’s been a long time”. Kimmel wasn’t the only star to have a negative opinion about his personal experience of being a host on the Oscars. David Letterman, Alec Baldwin, Niel Patrick Harris, Seth MacFarlane and Jon Stewart also shared Kimmels view, whether it was complaining about the money, time management, or the criticism towards themselves and their families. With negative input from hosts in the past, it is likely that celebrities being offered the position for this year, are turned away, and are more likely to decline, opposed to accepting before they know what they are getting themselves into. Despite the lack of a host, producers are working hard for the show to be as phenomenal as it would be with a host, and many people aren’t aware of this, but the 2019 Oscars won’t be the first Oscars ceremony to be “host-free”. The 61st academy awards was held on March 29th, 1989 and was without a host. Without anyone to introduce the specific categories, the show moved from one bit to the next, and seemed to be organized pretty well, considering the situation. That was until the snow white bit was considered an “embarrassment” and “disaster”. The result of the bit wasn’t entirely blamed on the absence of a host, but a lack of preparation and the poorly written script as well. This gives the producers another reason to try again; to come back from that memory and show viewers that it’s possible to be just as successful without a host. Many are questioning if a host is even necessary in order for the ceremony to take place, and because it’s been done before, why not do it again? Although an approximate amount of ninety Oscars awards ceremonies have been hosted by guest stars in the past, there isn’t much of a difference, and is possible if everyone cooperates and works together to make it a night to remember. Besides, the jokes and monologues that the hosts are expected to perform throughout the night, are still going to be happening, just in a different pattern. That being said, you shouldn’t have doubts about the Oscars yet, everyone is working very hard to pull this off and the pressure is overwhelming. Photo Courtesy

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