Porsche Taycan: Evolution competing with the Tesla

By Staff Writer Tim Howard. For years Tesla has been dominating the market for electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S and X vehicles have proved that electric vehicles can be fun, fast, and cool. Traditional automakers have taken notice of their immense success and now want a piece. Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMW are all working on luxury sedans and SUVs to compete with Model S and the Model X respectively. None of these are as big of a blockbuster as the absolute weapon being cooked up at Porsche. Tesla’s seat at the head of the table will is challenged by the Porsche Taycan. This will be the first electric car from Porsche and one of only three vehicles in the segment when it launches in 2020. So why is this such a threat to Tesla and what does this mean for the future of the electric car community? The Porsche Taycan represents the first vehicle from a legacy car maker that will truly shake up the EV segment. Porsche is known for its refinement and the quality of the cars it produces. The Taycan will be no exception as its specs, according to Porsche, will be formindible. The EV buyer is also aware of the pedigree of Porsche and have begun pre-ordering the vehicle in droves. Executives at Porsche had only planned to produce approx. 20,000 examples in the Taycan’s 2020 launch year. Every single model, which mind you hasn’t even been built yet, already has a prospective owner. Due to this immense interest, Porsche has decided to double the Taycan’s manufacturing quota to 40,000. Pretty big deal considering Tesla only sold around 26,000 Model S in 2018. If Porsche can maintain such a sales volume year by year, then we could be looking the catalyst for the complete electrification of Porsche. “Driven by regulatory mandates and a profound sense of existential anxiety over Tesla’s market capitalization, automakers are pouring billions into the battery-powered cars. Porsche will spend 6 billion euros ($6.8 billion) by 2022 on electrification and has said more than half its line up will have a plug by 2025” (economictimes.com). As more and more automakers transition to electric drivetrains for their vehicles, the number of fossil fuel based vehicles will continue to decrease. The is a big deal for automakers. Sooner or later all automakers will be compelled to participate in the growing EV revolution. The Taycan is merely a prelude of what’s to come. The CEO of Porsche Oliver Blume summates the future in quite bluntly. “We have found in testing the Mission E that while you might not hear an engine you suddenly do feel more of the car and street itself, so it’s an adjustment,” he said. ‘Besides, in 10 or 15 years, people just won’t be as used to hearing the sound of an engine anymore. Things will change.’”

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