Dine and shop!

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn.

The “Farm and Coast Market” located in South Dartmouth, is seventeen minutes away from our campus, but is worth the drive! It is perfect for college students, residents of the area, or tourists. Not only is this a small sit down restaraunt, but a farmers market as well. According to Chris Cronin, the executive chef at the market, all of the produce sold at Farm & Coast is locally sourced and fresh from local farms.

The general manager, Jody Cote said “We offer customers what they can find in their backyards”. Cronin even mentioned that he personally tours each farm they get their produce from, speaking with the farmers about their practices, to get a more reliable source and to meet the growers face-to-face.

The deli located inside of the market sells a variety of meats, handcut and prepared daily by Cronin himself, without using any power tools.
These include a variety of different sausages such as italian, and hot italian sausage, veal chops, veal osso bucco, pork chops, ground beef, and much more to choose from. Infact, mostly everything sold at the market is prepared by staff either in the back of the kitchen or infront of the customers.

The hamburger buns are made from freshly baked dough, made by the staff in the market’s kitchen, as well as the homemade ciabatta rolls, and varieties of breads avilable to customers the day they are baked. Locally sourced coffee beans, jams and maple syrup are also avilable, located on shelves around the store.

You can browse the markets wide beer and wine selection displayed with neatly stacked wine and cheese books, pamphlets, and books that have a list of perfect pairings.

Stop by the deli and grab a sandwhich, hand sliced cheeses, some sausage, sweet potatoes, or fresh golden beets to bring home; only a few of the fresh options behind the counter! Either that, or soak in the atmosphere and take a seat at one of the tables in the middle of the market and order from the menu for breakfast or lunch.

Endulge in rich breakfast options such as eggs benedict, acai bowls, freshly blended smoothies, breakfast sandwhiches and more!

For lunch, sit down and enjoy a juicy hamburger, thinly sliced reubon, pastrami, roasted turkey or ham sandwhich, and more from the butchershop section of the market.

There are also vegetarian friendly and vegan options, so no need to worry.
Make your way to the cafe to try the bitter sweet fruit tarts, cinnamon raison french toast, coffee, cappachino or iced teas, all made in the house!
Shop the market for new and unique sauces to use in your own recipes, or browse the large selection of farm produce such as potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and more.

Give this four and a half star restaraunt and market a try between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. any day during the week or weekend, and see what customers have to say online.

You certainly won’t regret your visit, and the market is easy to locate, and offers a wide range of parking spots and beautiful scenery as well and a little shopping area can be visited after eating at Farm and Coast.
Enjoy the setting, scenery, reasonably priced fresh produce, and friendly service, and don’t forget, say that The Torch sent you!


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