Post Mallone “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

By Staff Writer Megan Sullivan

Austin Richard Post, otherwise known as Post Malone, is a contemporary young singer, songwriter, and record producer, born in New York in 1995, but raised in Grapevine, Texas. His father, Rich Post, is responsible for his talented son’s interest for many genres of music, and clearly the rest is history.

Post Malone has had an interest in music since childhood, and became quite an artistic character soon after high school. Post has numerous claims to fame such as being nominated for Best Album of the year at the 61st annual Grammy Awards. He is also well known for collaborating with Swae Lee on the song “Sunflower” which was featured on the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Malone, also made it onto the billboard top 100 numerous times with songs like “Wow”, “I fall apart”, and “Notice me”. Regardless of what you think of Post Malone, he is known for making quality music.

His most recent album is “Hollywood’s Bleeding,”. Released on September 6, this is his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, and it’s breaking streaming records. This is completely understandable when the majority of the songs on the album are hit-worthy in the public eye.

As a music major at UMass Dartmouth, I can say with full confidence that Post Malone has something very special. His voice is spectacular with a tone that is rugged, but beautiful at the same time. His voice is overall pleasing to the ear along with his innovative lyrics and beats. Post has proven in the last few years that he is a unique artist that knows how to create number one albums.

The range of this album varies between chill vibes that one can do homework to, all the way to  bangers that make you want to get up and dance. There are also several special guest artists on this LP that makes the album even more iconic. Guest stars include Halsey on the track “Die For Me” and Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne in the ballad “Take What You Want.”

Halsey sounds incredible, per usual, with a passionate verse expressing breaking her boyfriend’s phone and taking all the girls from his DM’s home. In “Take What You Want,” Ozzy Osbourne is truly timeless. His voice has not changed, and it fits so well in this amazing collaboration, followed by an incredible guitar solo that will rock your ears off.

A song I particularly like a lot is “Internet.” I appreciate the grand accompaniment to the song created by an orchestra. It’s a really chill song at the same that gives you vibes of feeling reflective and nostalgic. I really enjoy how Post can make a song very powerful, while still utilizing a relaxed beat. There’s a laid-back aura about him and his portrayal in the music he creates.

Post Malone has clearly made a name for himself, creating hit album after hit album. After Beerbongs & Bentleys and Stoney, Hollywood’s Bleeding is the perfect follow up. There are plenty of songs that can be enjoyed by multiple generations, and I recommend everyone give it a good listen. It is well written, contains beautiful features, and a it’s just fun time. In a word, all l I can really say about this album is just  “Wow.”


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