“I’m in pierogi paradise” – Guy Fieri

By Staff Writer Kira Bruce

On Friday, September 6th, I went out to Patti’s Pierogis for some delicious Polish food! The place was packed, for a small restaurant.

They do have a reasonably sized parking lot but all the spots in the area around the restaurants were taken. The restaurant was really busy when I arrived at about 7 o’clock.

There were no tables available when I got there but in less than 2 minutes one of the servers had one ready for us. I got to meet Patti Geary the restaurant’s owner and their fantastic chef.

Patti is Polish and French, she said, “I knew I always wanted to open a restaurant that represented that”.

She was super sweet like the rest of her female employees! Their menu features so many different types of pierogis, they also have a drop box that suggests people submit their own ideas for different types of pierogis!

Geary opened her business 10 years ago in Fall River and has gotten great feedback from celebrities and locals alike. They were even featured on Guy Fieri’s ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” where he gave Patti’s a glowing review. As he took his first bite of Patti’s pierogi, Fieri was quoted as saying, “I’m in pierogi paradise”. This past month Bill Murray was in to test the pierogi selection as well as the Phantom Gourmet!

When you walk into the establishment and see all the Newspapers and plaques that have given Patti these positive endorsements, you can tell that the food is going to be fantastic.

The atmosphere and staff are both very welcoming. The dining room itself reminded me of going to a family dinner, very comfortable and very cozy.

My server Veronica was super sweet and quick to get us what we ordered.

Despite the dinner rush, we didn’t have to wait for a thing and Veronica always asked if we needed anything else.

So far my favorite dishes are: Patti’s kielbasa, placki (potato pancakes) with beer mustard, and the classic potato and cheese pierogis. The kielbasa is served warm with sauerkraut on the side and it’s made in house. The placki can come with a variety of toppings, including; kielbasa, onions, mushrooms, and apples. I ordered mine with kielbasa on top, it was ridiculously good. The beer mustard also goes really well with this dish, but it can also be enjoyed plain too.

The stand out quality of many of these dishes is that the pickled flavors of Polish cuisine really complement each other. The mustard and the placki is perfect together because the vinegar flavor from the mustard cuts through the greasy deliciousness of the pancake. The sauerkraut has a similar reaction with the kielbasa, they are a perfect pair. That only leaves the classic cheese and potato pierogis. They’re like little cheesy pillow gifts. They’re soft and warm and full of a cheese and potato blend. The “Polish Americanogi” which consists of kielbasa with American cheese is also a delectable dish. It’s so cheesy and it’s honestly sinful.

This is my forth time coming to Patti’s Pierogis and I’ll be back soon. The pierogis are slightly addictive and I find myself wanting to go back often. The other thing great about Patti’s is that it isn’t outrageously priced. As a college student I don’t exactly have a ton of “disposable income”. It’s nice that there’s a locally owned restaurant that offers fair prices for a nice night on the town. You might even run into some Hollywood royalty!

If you’re looking for an affordable spot to go out with friends, meet up with family, or a date think of Patti’s Pierogis!


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