Revolving door of Trump Administration keeps spinning

By Staff Writer Kira Bruce

It isn’t news to anyone that Trump has had a difficult time keeping appointees in his administration.  

It also isn’t news that Trump is a difficult person to work for. He has to be appeased at all times and cannot be at fault for anything going wrong.  

Due to this, Trump has lost more cabinet officials and senior advisors than any of his predecessors since Ronald Raegan. Raegan had 78 percent non-cabinet official turnover while Trump is currently at 77 percent with 15 months left in his term. 

He will probably pass Raegan’s numbers by the end of his first term. After Bolton, he will have to find his forth national security advisor.  

This is the ninth change to his cabinet. He has an issue with finding and retaining good quality people for his cabinet. He has not provided “the best people” as he once promised in his campaigning days.  

In Trumps tweet from Sep 10, he said “I disagreed strongly with many of [Bolton’s] suggestions, as did others in the Administration”. 

The most recent issue of disagreement was regarding how to change the foreign policy agreements with Afghanistan and Iran. 

Bolton has a “hawkish” mindset when it comes to US foreign policy. He believes that as the United States we have a duty of sorts to aid other countries that don’t have strong militaries.  

Bolton has long been a strong advocate for “maximum pressure” against Iran and was one of the people who asked for the abandonment of the 2015 deal with Iran and to re-impose sanctions on them.  

But, luckily Trump disagreed with him. The last thing the Middle East needs is another senseless conflict.  

Hopefully what happened this week in Saudi Arabia is past the point of military intervention. 5 percent of the world oil supply was destroyed in one attack; the perpetrator is still unknown but many are pointing fingers at Iran.  

Why it is most likely Iran? Raising the price of oil might help them get some harsh sanctions lifted. Luckily this didn’t happen though because the price of oil rebounded very quickly after the attack.  

Yet, Bolton has some redeeming factors, he stands his ground around Trump. He’s unlike Pompeo who tries to tiptoe around Trump and is a “yes-man”.  

Bolton knew North Korea wouldn’t just stop trying to make powerful nuclear weapons. So instead of Trump going in and giving NK everything they wanted without anything in return, Bolton held him back a little.  

Bolton helped with negating what Trump had to say during talks with NK. They hated Bolton for being level-headed during these conversations, that’s why they are now praising Trump for getting rid of Bolton.  

Without him by Trumps side, it might be easier for NK to manipulate the relationship they have with Trump in a way that is not beneficial to Americans.  

Overall, I think it is best Bolton is gone, who needs a warmonger in Trumps ear. But, what is frightening to me is what’s to come. Will it be another person like Pompeo who nods his head to everything that comes out of Trumps mouth, or will it be someone else who has  



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