Rocky Horror Picture Show Opening Night – “Don’t Dream It, See It!”

Editor-in-Chief: Roxanne Hepburn


Thursday, October 27th was the opening night of 20 Cent Fiction’s 29th annual showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which went off without a hitch!


If you, like me, have never seen a live showing of Rocky Horror, you’ll be in for a wild ride.

All first-timers are labeled “virgins” at the door with a red lipstick V on either the hand or forehead. Before the start of the show, all virgins are asked to come on stage to “pop their cheries.” Each virgin is handed a red balloon that they have to pop between their thighs. A dance competition then occurs to decide who out of the virgins gets the play the couple getting married in the first scene of the show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is not like your typical theater experience. Unlike most theatrical performances, it is tradition to show the original movie behind the actors as they lip-sync along to the dialogue and music.

Another aspect of Rocky Horror performances that break the “theater norm” is the insane amount of audience participation. The audience is constantly yelling back at the performers, such as moments when one of the main characters’ names is said, Brad, and then the audience yells “asshole” (which will make more sense once you start to pick up on the story).

New Bedford local, Isaac B, entered the theater a virgin the same as me, and here is what he had to say after: “There was so much happening that I had no idea what was really going on most of the time, but regardless I sure as hell had fun watching it.”

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Rocky Horror 101, we can discuss the incredible performances of the main cast.

UmassD senior biology major, Kathleen Murphy, gave a comical depiction of the ever-emasculated Brad Majors. Kathleen was able to flawlessly mirror the shy and insecure posture and movements of her character.

The energy that Lauren Bigelow, a UmassD junior graphic design student, exuded as the now slut – used to be virgin, Janet Weiss, perfectly matched that of her film counterpart.

Leah Dunn, a junior at UmassD, gave a spine-chillingly absurd performance as the one and only Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The dark glares and playful attitude translated perfectly on stage.

From left to right – Kathleen (Brad), Leah (Dr. Frank-N-Furter), Lauren (Janet) (

I spoke with Leah before the curtains rose to see how she was feeling about opening night: “Nervous, we’ve been fucking working our asses off and I’m super excited to finally be able to put the show on, but its nerve racking – that’s for sure.”

I could rant all day about each and every one of the performers. You can see the love and care that was put into casting each and every one of the roles.

Rocky Horror will be showing every night this Hallo weekend. Tickets are cash only. Admission is free for UmassD students.

FRI 10/28 8PM
SAT 10/29 8PM
SUN 10/30 12AM

Be warned about the midnight showing. It is known as prank night. It is recommended that only seasoned Rocky Horror fans attend the prank night or risk being very confused.

I’ll leave you with a message from Dr. Frank-N-Further himself: “I am excited for the people who have never seen Rocky Horror before, because, it’s certainly an experience – there really is no other way to describe it.”


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