Owning my own multimillion dollar company


By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Okay, so what student can own their own multimillion dollar company, while only being 22 years old? No questions asked – anyone can!

It’s called determination, hard work, and a little bit of luck. So, you may be wondering what this multimillion dollar company is… You might want to check the back tag of your newest shirt you are wearing.

That is right, I am the owner and creator of the most legendary clothing and accessories brand that reaches all over the globe. Whether it is overseas, the beach, Antarctica, or Zimbabwe, you can expect to see everyone rocking a new outfit, with a little bit of fashion help from me.

New York fashion week walked the walk and talked the talk with my latest threads as girls in Paris were lining up to preorder this summer’s line, from Fashion Made Fabulous.

George Clooney was there, Demi Lovato, Madonna, and the Biebs as they wondered who was the master mind of this brilliant company.

I launched my campaign for the company back in 1995, the day I was born. Let’s just say that it skyrocketed from there. Everyone and everyone wanted something unique, whether it was a diamond covered dress to a pair of cutoff shorts with little lace designs.

Before I knew it, the company reached the multimillion mark by 2005, the year when my company decided to open another location in Hawaii. Not to mention the beach house that was 25,000 square feet of the finest linens, cotton, leather and gems to create my next big break.

Aside from my company being so successful, we have had the Globes, the Grammys, and the Oscars all reach out to my people to see if their celebrities could wear my Be-YOU-tiful line. The dresses were simple yet classic.

From the soft hues of pink, white, and blue, celebrities could slip on this dress in a cinch and add a statement necklace to make the look. My statement necklaces were stringed in fresh water pearls, a perfect red carpet look that even college students could use.

Because my company has been soaring, I started to sell my dresses that year for an even $100.00, a gift to say “thank you” for being such loyal customers.

Sure, the materials far exceed that bill; however, I own a multimillion dollar company, so I love being able to give back.

Be-YOU-tiful gave over 55,000 thousand dollars last year to rare disease studies and nonprofit organizations. Along with that, over 10,000 complete outfits were created and gifted for those that needed it most. Can I tell you the reactions and smiling faces on everyone’s face was the most rewarding aspect of owning my own company?

Last week I was invited to an experience of a life time: Good Morning America invited me to their show to spotlight my company and its accomplishments.

It was there that I announced I would be opening five new locations spreading all over the United States of America.

It was special to be able to share my news on one of the greatest morning talk shows. By the end of that one, Late Night with Seth Myers and The Ellen Show, were ringing my PR people to get us on their shows.

The journey has been one I will never forget and being able to own a company such as this, all the while giving back is a story in itself.

I look forward to see where my company goes from here on out.

In appreciation, I am giving UMass Dartmouth students a 100 percent off coupon with their UMass Pass.

Photo Courtesy: Moneynewswire.net


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