Brady with Make America Great Again hat, do we care?

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer.

If you didn’t know, because you’re Patrick Star and you live under a rock, Tom Brady supports Donald Trump. If you are in fact Patrick, you also wouldn’t know that the Patriots just won their first ever Super Bowl!…Oh wait… what’s that Janice? Sixth! They have six Lombardi trophies? Well that must be over like 50 years…It only took 18 years! Okay well it must not be all by the same quarterback because nobody can play football for 18 years…It was the same quarterback!

So, Tom Brady just won his sixth Lombardi trophy in 18 years as the New England Patriots’ quarterback.

Brady and the Patriots defeated Goff and the Rams by a score of 13-3, which was the lowest ever recorded amount of points in a Super Bowl and the highest point difference between teams in Patriots Super Bowl wins.

It was a low scoring but record-breaking game that got the Patriots their sixth Lombardi trophy.

However, after winning a Super Bowl there always is a reminder that comes to the fans.

It is tradition for the winning team to visit the White House. However, in Trump’s presidency there has always been controversy in visiting the White House.

Brady was very clear about his friendship and support of Trump initially but has slowly been backing out of his allegiance to Trump as time has gone on.
Giselle, Tom Brady’s wife, has even given a very clear “NO!” when asked about whether or not they support Trump.
I do believe that Trump and Brady are still friends, but I am questionable about Brady’s political support to Trump.

Even if Brady does support Trump politically, it does not change how I think of Brady. I, and I am assuming this is the case for most Patriot fans that dislike Trump, do not care about who he supports politically as long as he is not actively trying to convince other people.

For now, I just care about how well he plays football and he has definitely not disappointed.

Trump’s first ever Super Bowl champion visit was by the New England Patriots when they won their last Super Bowl back in 2017.

At that time, Tom Brady canceled on the day of the visit because he claimed he had family matters to attend to.

That was the same day that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide, so some people believe that was a factor as to why Brady didn’t visit, but I believe it was because he knew the effect that his support of Trump was having on his legacy and decided to back out of his support.

Since then, Brady has disagreed with Trump on the controversial NFL issue of kneeling during the national anthem.

Brady has stated that he believes Trump has been divisive with his statements and supports the idea that his teammates can do whatever they want during the National Anthem.

That year, the Philadelphia Eagles bested the Patriots in the Super Bowl and a different team was scheduled to visit the White House.
This did not last however, because, due to the conflict between Trump and the NFL, the NFL was angry with him that year. So many Eagles players had backed out that only a few were left for the visit and Trump decided to cancel the plan to meet the champs entirely.

This year, the question has been asked whether or not the Patriots will visit the White House.

According to NBC Boston, Brady was asked in a press conference whether or not he plans on attending the White House visit and to that he replied, “Next question… I mean God.”

Brady has not decided, but from this quote I take that he has lost his absolute support of Trump, but would like to remain his friend, as they’ve been friends for almost two decades.

It is still unsure whether or not he will attend, but from a fan’s standpoint, we do not care about his political affiliation because he just won us a sixth Super Bowl.


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