“One Of The Guys”

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We’ve all heard of stupid challenges popping up here and there on social media. 

A long time ago, around 10 years ago at this point, we saw people attempting the cinnamon challenge, where people would try to have a spoon of cinnamon in their mouth for as long as they could without spitting it out. 

You might also remember the tide pod challenge, where teenagers worldwide ate tide pods started in 2017.

But this challenge may have you and many other lactose-intolerant people regret their choices as they sit in the bathroom for an hour or so. 

Are you one of the guys? 

Debuting on an episode of a Regular Show named Guys Night, the point of the challenge was to be “one of the guys” and participate in guys’ night – to do so,  you are given a gallon of milk and 60 minutes to chug all of it without throwing up. 

However, if you were not able to complete this challenge, you couldn’t be “one of the guys” and won’t be until you complete the challenge.

Milk lovers, this challenge is for you, and lactose-intolerant people, maybe skip out on this one unless you want to be facing the consequences of it later. 

Although this challenge seems fairly simple, it’s not. Many people fail at it because it seems only “professional eaters” can complete this challenge. 

Let’s break it down. 

A gallon of milk is around 16 cups of milk or 3 liters. 

Considering most people don’t drink that much water in a day and a bottle of water is only 2.3 cups or .01 liters, it really puts into perspective how much a gallon is. 

As disgusting as this challenge sounds, milk is good for you and supplies you with calcium, vitamin D, and even a good source of protein. 

Not to mention, no one has even died doing this challenge.

With challenges like the cinnamon challenge and the tide pod challenge, as mentioned earlier, people were rushed to the hospital. 

For this challenge, all that’s needed is a gallon of milk and a nearby toilet for you to rush to – whether it is coming back up or down. 

Before all the milk haters reading this get on here and start talking about how drinking milk straight up is gross and unjustifiable, sit down and think for a second. 

For breakfast, I’m sure bagels with cream cheese are a go-to, and if that isn’t the case, a popular go-to for dessert is ice cream. Two very popular foods with milk as a key ingredient. 

Now before you start to say anything, I know you know of at least one lactose-intolerant person who has sucked it up and accepted their fate while ordering a bowl of ice cream at the end of their night.

If you want to try this challenge but don’t feel like going out to buy a gallon of milk, you can bring empty containers to The Grove and fill them up with milk to practice / or even participate in this challenge. 

The moral of this article is that this challenge is a great way to torture a friend if you want to get a little revenge back at them. 

It’s not taking a shot of alcohol or eating a whole 5-course meal in one sitting, it’s a gallon of milk, and to the naked eye, a gallon of milk is nothing. 

Just make sure to have a bottle of Febreze on deck for this trend. Your bathroom is going to need it.

*This article is written as a parody for the Torchure.


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